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Stunning picture, Daniele. The bird, the raindrops and the background are all very beautiful.



I cannot remember that I've ever seen such a bunch of drops on a photo, combined with a beautiful bird. Amazing to see that details on the stonechat are sufficiently sharp with this extreme iso value. Also the homogeneous background is free of noise. Great job!

Regards Vincent

Beautiful,hoop dat ik het goed schrijf ?

Groet Peter.

perfect picture

Utterly beautiful, with those teardrops............!!

Groet, Minke.

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Beautifully fixed, the water drops on the plant splashed almost away from it.

Regards Peter

Ik heb hier maar één woord voor: prachtig!!!



Ah, that's some time ago.
Nice to see the colors are all right over here.

A nice year and fruitful year to you Daniele.

Beautiful with the raindrops.

Regards Frank

Wonderful capture, absolutely stunning!


Wat geweldig dit. Boven had er nog een randje bij gemogen wat mij betreft, maar hoe gaaf dat takje met die druppels en de mooie kleur achtergrond.

Sparklin stonechat;very nice!
Greets Alfonso

Heel erg mooi !!!
Gr Rob

Beautiful bird in an even beautiful christmastree, Daniele. Congratulalions

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