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Fotoreis Bulgarije mei 2007

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Daan Schoonhoven

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Aug 2006, 23:10    Post subject: Fotoreis Bulgarije mei 2007
In samenwerking met Spatia Wildlife Tours uit Bulgarije organiseert Birdpix een fotoreis van twee weken door het gevarieerde landschap van Bulgarije. Bulgarije biedt ongelooflijke mogelijkheden voor vogel- en natuurfotografie omdat er nog nauwelijks intensieve landbouw en -veeteelt is. Spatia Wildlife Tours (bekend op birdpix door de foto's van Emil Enchev) heeft een reis samengesteld waarmee de kans op fantastische foto's zeer groot is. Ze kennen het land en de streek op hun duimpje, hebben diverse vaste en mobiele hutten staan, kennen de drinkplaatsen en weten waar het goed fotograferen is vanuit de auto. Je hoeft niet zelf te zoeken naar goede plaatsen, je hoeft niet zelf schuiltentjes op te zetten, waardoor alle tijd in het fotograferen kan gaan zitten. Hier kun je alleen maar van dromen. Het is de verwachting dat je elke dag verschillende soorten zeer goed kunt fotograferen. De reis vindt plaats van zaterdag 5 t/m zaterdag 19 mei 2007. In principe is het een reis van 15 dagen, maar het is ook mogelijk om alleen de eerste of alleen de tweede week te gaan. Er zijn maxiaal 6 plaatsen beschikbaar.

Birds and wildlife photo tour in Bulgaria

With its beautiful landscape and rich biodiversity, Bulgaria offers excellent nature photography opportunities all year round. Our tour takes you to the breeding grounds of bird species, considered as photography highlights among the European fauna. Despite the fact that the tour is focused on the birds, the rich biodiversity in the area will bring you many opportunities to make photos from rare and even endemic species of plants, reptiles, insects and butterflies.
This tour is suitable for both professional and beginners photographers. The restricted number of participants determines the special attention for every one. The sites we selected for our workshop are very appropriate as relatively small territory is occupied by many different species; moreover they are represented with good populations. This will allow us just in a single day to photograph several different species of birds.

5th May 19th May 2007


Day 1

Arrival at Varna airport and transfer (about one hour of driving) to the town of Balchik where we will accommodate the next three nights. Depending from your arrival time, there will be good options for car window photography.

Days 2 and 3

These two days we will devote to the step habitat around cape Kaliakra, as well as some wetlands on the coast. Species to be photographed include: Pied Wheatear, Black-headed Bunting, Calandra Lark, Short-toed Lark, Crested Lark, shrikes as well as water birds, gulls and terns, Great Reed Warbler. As we will be still in the period of intensive migration, many other species are possible Red-footed Falcon and different species of waders.
These two days will be a dynamic mixture of hide and car window photography, having as a background the splendid spring colors of the steppe.

Day 4

Today we drive south and late in the afternoon we arrive in the town of Primorsko where we will stay the next five nights. On the way we will stop at a nice forest area looking and photographing woodpeckers, treecreepers and other woodland birds. The second stop will be at salt plants, bordering the Black Sea, which sustain big concentration of different species of waders, Sandwich Tern, Little Tern, Mediterranean and Slender-billed gulls.

Days 5 to 8

These four days we will spend in the surroundings which in fact consist of different habitats marshlands and coastlands, deciduous forests, bushes and open fields. Main species here will be the woodpeckers Middle Spotted, Grey-headed, Lesser Spotted, Syrian, Great Spotted and possible the White-backed, Sombre Tit, buntings Cirl, Ortolan and Corn, terns White-winged, Black, Common and Whiskered, herons Purple and Squacco, many waders and other water birds.

Day 9

For those of you who book only the first part of our tour it is the day of departure and you will be transferred to Varna airport for your flight back. With those of you who continue the tour we will drive inland and reach area of foot hills near Rhodopi Mountain. It is dry and open habitat very rich with birds and butterflies. Species to be photographed here will be Red-rumped Swallow, Black-headed Bunting, Ortolan Bunting, Corn Bunting, Turtle Dove, Spanish Sparrow, Isabelline Wheatear, Northern Wheatear and the European ground squirrel the Suslick. Most of these species will be photographed near drinking pool. Overnight in the small town of Bratsigovo for two nights.

Day 10

We will spend the day in the same area, photographing the same species.

Days 11 to 14

Today we move further north one and a half hours of driving bring us at the beautiful meadows near the Central Balkan National Park. Species to be photographed here include Bee-eaters, Isabelline Wheatear, Wryneck, Red-backed, Woodchat and Lesser Grey shrikes, Little Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper. This area also sustains a healthy population of Suslick, which is the favorite prey for the local pairs of Long-legged Buzzards. With enough patience good flying shots can be done. Additionally, the meadows are right next to the Balkan mountain and with some moderate walks other habitats can be reached where different species occurs Rock Thrush, Ring Ouzel and Rock Bunting. Overnight in the town of Kalofer.

Day 15

Transfer to Varna airport for your departure flight.

Additional information:

daily we will have easy walks, up to 10-15 minutes on flat terrain. For days 11 to 13 some species as the Rock Thrush may require moderate walks up to 1,5 kilometers.

Clothing/ Weather
the weather in this period is usually warm and sunny. Good walking shoes (light) are essential. Sun glasses, hat and rein coats are also recommended.

How the day looks like normally (and it is what we recommend) we use the time early in the morning (between 07.00 and 10.00) as well as late afternoon (between 16.00 and 18.30) to take photographs in the areas we will visit within the tour. Depending from the weather, as well as the desires of the participants this can be off course changed. Early breakfasts and lunches will be often picnics, especially in the second part of the tour.

Other options for photography
the areas we have chosen are very rich with biodiversity and despite that our main focus are the birds we will have a plenty of options for butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, flowers, including orchids, reptiles etc.

Guarantee for good photos the places we selected are well known to us and the species mentioned present here in good numbers. We are also aware about the best places of taking photos, as use them in our photo tours last three years. The number of the participants is restricted to 6 (with two leaders), while similar tour usually require at least 6 photographers.
All of this is a guarantee for excellent photos you will take within the trip.

Tour/duration 15 days with 2 -3 participants: 1950 Euro's and with 4 6 participants: 1800 Euro's. Single supplement: 210 Euro's
Tour/duration 8 days with 2 -3 participants: 1170 Euro's and with 4 6 participants: 1080 Euro's. Single supplement: 120 Euro's

The prices include accommodation in good hotels (double rooms), full board, all ground transport, guide services (if there are three or more participants there will be two guides), preparatory work, hides and chairs.
Not included are the airfare, travel insurance, alcohol and items of personal nature. No hidden extras.
Deposit: 200 euro per person.
Balance to be paid 45 days prior the tour starts.
- sixty days prior the tour the deposit is not refundable;
- thirty days prior the tour start the tour price is not refundable.
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PostPosted: Mon 04 Sep 2006, 16:07    Post subject:
Zie ook de fotoreis-pagina op http://www.birdpix.nl/fotoreis_bulgarije.php
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